New starts

So recently my life hasn’t been going to plan. I have a son who I’ll call Baby for now. I’ve recently left his father. So right now I’m renting a room from my friends mum while I try to sort myself out. Ever since having Baby my friends have sort of drifted a bit as they aren’t always around and when they are they are either catching up with family or I’m doing something with baby.

I’ve tried writing a diary and writing my thoughts and feelings down but it just doesn’t seem to help so I thought why not write on a blog instead. Then at least someone might be listening to me (Maybe?). Just want somewhere where I can let things out and be completely honest. I did think about setting up my old blog where all my details are on it and my friends follow me but then I thought it will probably cause more problems than resolve any. I’ve found that you can’t be completely honest with anyone these days as sooner or later it will come back and hit you in the face. Don’t know if that’s just what I’ve found or anyone else has the same problem? I imagine its not just me. Most people are quite two faced these days so trusting someone is hard for me.

Anyway! Trying to be more positive, hopefully this blog will help 🙂

Bye for now!